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I'm Cristina, but I would like you to know me as Gongeando.

In Spanish, you can deconstruct this word as GONG - E ( which is the equivalent to and ) - ANDO ( meaning I walk ).

Therefore, I am Gong(ing), and I am walk(ing), or rather, I walk with the Gong.

I have been a part of several different spiritual and yogic practices for years, but in 2019 my life took a big turn - when I had what I would describe as a deep awakening.

Wow! How many emotions I experienced during that period. I cried, I laughed, I had a vision. It was the vision of a huge, very old tree. The tree had a downward facing, deep entrance - an entrance illuminated with a bright purple light. The entrance had amethyst crystal stairs which I felt drawn down. I felt so happy inside that tree, a happiness which at that time of my life obscured the circumstances I was experiencing.

Some days after this, I woke from my sleep to find my left eye was totally blind. This did not scare me initially - one always thinks that the doctor will have a solution.

At this time, I was under of a lot of stress - I had lost my job, and my negative mind kept harassing me – telling me how badly I had done, how badly I was going to end up, and how bad everything around me was.

In reality none of this was that bad, but I WAS UNABLE TO SEE!

I went to Lanzarote with a friend for a week, and there, in a fantastic Yoga retreat, I had time to SEE and reconnect. I received sound therapy with Guy Gomez Alvarez - therapy that gave me light and guidance not only to continue, but to see beyond my ego and my mind.

After the trip to Lanzarote and into myself, my attraction to sound and its effects on the body, mind and spirit was undiminished. My curiosity left me investigating, reading and learning.

During the lockdown of March 2020 I found Vikrampal by causality, and began his quarantine meditations while joining several workshops and webinars, as well as attending his Gong Day. The change was inevitable. Thanks, maestro! WAHE GURU!

I have to thank Covid as well - it gave me the time and space to find ME - and reinvent ME.

I started training as a Gong Practitioner with the great musician and teacher Sheila Whittaker in the same year, as a result of which I'm now certified as a Gong Practitioner and accredited by the UK College of Sound Healing.

In 2020 I joined an advanced Gong training by Don Conreaux and Vikrampal at “the Dome Centre”, where I had the opportunity to access other sound practices with Nestor Kornblum of Harmonic Sounds.

Currently, I am training as a Gong Practitioner with Don Conreaux, Vikrampal and Sheila Whittaker.